Here's a list of the most popular questions I get! Don't see your answer here? Feel free to contact to hit that CONTACT button up there ^^

Can I have more info on the product?!

Each print is 11 x 17 inches (27.94 x 43.18 cm) in dimension! They're printed on fancy gloss cardstock paper with a small white border around the image for framing purposes! They're shipping in poster tubes, which means they will be rolled up when you receive them. Just toss some heavy books on them overnight and they'll flatten out!

Will you personalize my order?

Of course! Just be sure to put your request in the notes!

Things I will do - Add your name, inside jokes, tiny kitty drawings, birthday wishes, quotes, motivational/wise words, hearts, HAPPY FACES etc.
Things I will not do - Write super gross inappropriate things, DRAW ANY MORE VULPIX (I seriously drew 30000 last year. No more. HAHA), write giant paragraphs, or kiss the prints.

Do you ship to (COUNTRY)?

Yep! I ship EVERYWHERE! Just put your address in and the site will do the work for you! I offer a flat rate Out-Of-US shipping cost of $12. Just allow a bit of time for the post to get it to you! :D

How do I receive my order?

When I receive my prints from the printer, I sign each one of them with my name. I take them to my parents house for sorting and they go into two groups - personalized and non-personalized. The ones with no notes go out immediately with just my signature, and the ones that require personalization go into a box until I have time to go to my parents' house and sign them (subject to my traveling schedule). Every print is rolled up nicely and stuffed into a 12 x 18 cardboard tube. It will arrive to you super curly, but just stick a book on it for a little bit and it'll flatten out!

How do I know if my order has shipped?

You'll get an email with a tracking number as soon as it's out!

Why is there a white border around my image?

Many cosplayers print their images with a "full bleed" printer, which means the ink goes all the way to the edge of the paper. This is cheaper usually, and great if you want to just tack your print on a wall! I print my images with a thin white border so that it can be framed and the none of the image is covered up!

I have the wrong prints / I'm missing a print / My print is damaged / I haven't received my print in over 12 weeks what do I do?

Send an email to lindsayineedhelp@gmail.com or click on the CONTACT button at the top of the page. My dad handles this so be sure to say hello to him! :) I will NOT assist you via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Where is your (CHARACTER) print?!

I retire and cycle in new cosplays all the time! Every sale I will usually pull some prints to make room for new ones. However, if you order the Surprise Me print, it is possible to receive some of the retired images! Other than that, the older images will not be returning! I'll usually let you know when an image is going away though, so you'll have time to grab it!